Founder & Manager - Fototronia

2010 - 2015

I started my own e-commerce project related to photo camera accessories supplier. I placed my products in the main portals of Venezuela, becoming the online store in the first places.

See documents: Tengfei International letter

Advanced Network Support Specialist - Movistar Telefónica Venezuela

January 2006 - December 2010

Telcel C.A. of the Telefónica group: The main cellular communications company in Venezuela.

  • Network Specialist II at the CCR (Network Control Center). Remote monitoring, control and maintenance of the CDMA cellular base station and telephone exchange network.
  • Network Specialist IV in CCR Backoffice. Manage the failures in the residential and mobile telephone networks of massive impact on the user.
  • Advanced Support Specialist in the area of SAR (Advanced Network Support). Manage failures related to international long distance and international roaming.

See documents: Work certificate

Assistant Engineer - Lucent Technologies

January 2004 - December 2005

Lucent Technologies was the supplier of CDMA equipment for Telcel Bell South in Venezuela (main client); before the GSM implementation.

  • Remote upload of new features to Telcel Bell South CDMA base stations.
  • CDMA support at the CCR (Network Control Center) of the Telcel Bell South Networks department.

January 2002 - August 2003

In this period of time I carried out work as freelancer in the installation of GSM base stations, the assembly of the waveguide and the sector antennas.

Expert technician - Amper Venezuela S.A.

June 1999 - October 2001

Amper is the main contractor for Telefónica, Spain’s large telephone company. Amper ventured into Venezuela in 1998 to try to establish a presence before Telefónica’s arrival in Latin America.

  • Optimization of Motorola 9600 digital base stations.
  • Participation in various projects for the installation of telecommunications equipment.
  • In charge of the installation of the structured wiring network of one of the Shopping Centers of the city of Valencia in Venezuela.

See documents: Personal Reference | Work Certificate

Industrial Instrumentalist - CEVIVE C.A. (Owens Illinois group)

December 1997 - August 1998

I acquired my first solid knowledge in industrial electronics. Mainly in the control and supervision of temperature, pressure and fluid levels.

See document: Work certificate


Higher university technician in electronics (Three-year short engineering) - University Institute of Technology A.J.S.

Caracas, Venezuela, 1997

Position number 3 out of a total of 60 students in my specialty.

See documents: College Degree | Rank and position constancy | Letter of good conduct

Diversified High School ROF - Bachelor of science

Venezuela - 1993

See documents: Bachelor degree


Tools, software and programming languages that I have worked with at some point.


Enough to express that it is more of an art than a technique. And that its technicality is being displaced by the concept of utility and content for the user.

Web Development

Use of CMS WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySql, Json, Phyton for my own projects.


Knowledge about PHP and Phyton,

Marketing Online

I have the knowledge about the right way for present a product or service to final user.  


15 year working into mobile telecommunications in companies like Lucent Technologies and Telefonica.


Is good to know much, but better is to know how to learn quickly and how to find the information for the solution of a fault or a conflict.