University Electronic Technologist graduated in Venezuela with experience in cell phones and currently working in the SEO and Online Marketing world.

University Institute of Technology Antonio Jose De Sucre.

Caracas, Venezuela

I studied a short degree in electronic engineering (TSU – three years) in one of the best university institutes in Venezuela.

Telefonica Movistar of Venezuela, Lucent Technologies and Amper S.A. of Venezuela.

Caracas, Venezuela

I worked in three major cellular telecommunications companies:

During my time at these three companies, I carried out external work on base stations (BTS): installation and optimization of telecommunications equipment, assembly of coaxial cable transmission lines and cell site antennas in telecommunications towers; and SWR correction throughout the radiant system. On-site work: optimization and calibration of Motorola 9600 cellular base stations. Remote work on base stations (BTS), telephone exchanges and STP: feature loading, monitoring, control, fault correction, maintenance, configurations, scheduled jobs, advanced support, creation of procedures and cooperation with operators from other countries.


Caracas, Venezuela

Over time I formed my own e-commerce company: Fototronia. I created an online e-commerce store developed with the OpenCart CMS. Here I made my first contacts with supplier factories in China. I positioned myself as one of the main online stores of articles for cameras nationwide, both for the end customer and for small retailers. I acquired knowledge in B2B and B2C business. I liked the idea of creating content on the web and funneling traffic to it.

New York


The economic, political and social situations in my country, Venezuela, led me to move to New York City (without knowing anyone getting off the plane). In the time that I have here I have dedicated myself to the study of SEO, blogging and Digital Marketing with which I am quite identified. Since then I have been active in the blogging area, creating websites and blogs such as:

I have been quite active on es.quora.com and reddit.com.

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Carry out projects

In my different work experiences I have had in my hands the responsibility of starting, developing and finishing projects with deadlines for delivery. I know the responsibility and the importance of doing this kind of thing.

Learn new technologies

I am used to software and technical environments, so I am available to learn the configuration, handling and control of new technologies.

Focused on innovating

Today’s world demands more innovation, quality and development every day. So we can no longer do the same thing in the same way all the time. It is necessary to innovate, and in doing so, evaluate once again the horizon of possibilities to find new paths.

Value added

In the years that I worked at Telefónica de Venezuela, this company won the number 1 spot for Great Place to Work. The most important philosophy that all employees cultivated was added value. I try to contribute something that makes it something special.


Excellent professional with optimal approach when it comes to addressing problems during his stay in the Operations Management at Telefónica Movistar Venezuela. Good communication skills. And Commitment to their functions.

Jorge Caraballo